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Computerized Occlusal Management
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For decades clinicians have been unable to control these forces because they could not detect the force, timing and balance of occlusal contacts. Patients have suffered failures, fractures and pain due to their dentists’ inability to adequately control these forces. Dr. Chris Stevens has devised a protocol for the clinician to master these forces of occlusion and use them to support your dental restorations.

This course is devoted to occlusal contact management with the T-Scan III system. Presentation of basic operation and interpretation will allow participants to see how computerized display of contact timing and force can aid in treatment decisions that enhance the results of a patient’s occlusion no matter which occlusal philosophy is employed.

Clinical ramifications resulting from flawed or deficient occlusal management will be discussed. Find out how to know whether you are dealing with hyper- or hypo-occlusion so that decisions can be made about the need for adding or subtracting occlusal surface structure. Discover how these occlusal management principles can be applied clinically, from routine restorative procedures to complex procedures such as cosmetic veneers and implants. This course is of benefit to all dentists: generalists, prosthodontists, periodontists and orthodontists.

Educational Objectives
  • Identify and eliminate limitations of occlusal indicating paper.
  • Why adjusting for time contact takes precedence over adjusting for force contact.
  • The science of occlusal contact on implants - why delayed occlusal contact on implants is important and how to delay it, not take it out of occlusion.
  • How to protect ceramic restorations from unrecognized occlusal forces.
  • When to add tooth structure to achieve proper guidance.
  • When to subtract tooth structure to remove interferences.
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Chris Stevens has a very pleasing demeanor and ease of presentation yet creates a great amount of enthusiasm by his encouragement to elevate your capabilities. He shows you how!
—Dr. J.V.

Perfect. I learned a great deal.
—Dr. J. R.